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Top Mattresses 2022 – Metro Detroit’s Top Modern Furniture Store

There are 100s of Mattress brands, so we have done research to choose 3 brands (all family owned!) that give you a variety of choices without being overwhelmed. Prices below are non-sale prices (as of January 15, 2022, so they may change); however, these 3 mattress brands often run Promotional Sales at various times thru the year that could range from 10%-30% off depending on the brand, so buy on sale! Or visit our showroom for current offers or floor model sales. Click HERE to learn more about Bright Ideas History.

Bear Mattress is a family-owned company that has been in the mattress business for over 25 years and focuses on sleep products for Active individuals and Athletes (Youth and Adult). Bear is our starting price point in the competitive “online direct shipped boxed mattress” category. We have teamed with Bear to be their exclusive showroom in Metro Detroit allowing online mattress shoppers a place to evaluate the mattresses in-person before purchasing. In addition, using our links to buy direct from Bear website, makes it easy!  So, why do we like Bear?

  • Family owned
  • Made in the USA with Greenguard Gold Certified materials
  • Sleep Recovery Technology powered by Celliant fabric
  • Great customer service with years of online direct to consumer shipping knowledge
  • 120-Day sleep trial and Lifetime Warranty
  • Price point for everyone!
    • Queen mattress sale prices in the $700-1300 range

Magniflex is our BIG mattress brand (still family owned) from Italy that most in the USA have never heard of ?. They are one of the most innovative mattress companies in the world since 1962 and produce 10,000 mattresses per day for 4000 retailers in 99 countries! Magniflex invented the “bed in a box” vacuum technology in 1984, and their Magnistretch patented technology is our best seller. They are all-natural OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified foam mattresses. We are the exclusive dealer in Metro Detroit as it fits our modern and European style. So, why do we like Magniflex?

  • One of the most innovative mattress companies in the world
  • Everything done in house from designing, testing, and manufacturing
  • Made in Italy with 100% Italian materials that are OEKO-TEX Class 1 certified
  • One of Europe’s largest luxury foam mattress brands
    • Queen mattress sale prices in the $1399-2999 range
  • Magnistretch is patented technology endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association

Naturepedic is a delightful story of an environmental engineer grandfather who could not find a waterproof, safe and healthy organic crib mattress for his first grandchild. This launched his Ohio based company in 2003 where they design and manufacture their mattresses. They go above and beyond most “organic” companies to protect you and the environment. We have carried Naturepedic since 2010, and exclusive local EOS showroom. We also have environmental goals where Bright Ideas has one of the largest solar systems in Royal Oak that powers all our lighting for the entire year. So, why do we like Naturepedic?

  • Family owned that manufactures its own products
  • Made in Ohio with all organic materials (Latex and Non-Latex options)
  • EOS mattresses are DUAL, so each sleeper can build their desired comfort
  • Good Housekeeping 2021 Parenting Award for 2-in-1 Organic Kids Mattress
  • Good Housekeeping 2021 Best Sustainable Mattress for EOS Pillowtop Organic Mattress
  • Queen mattress sale prices in the $1799-3599 range


Click on LINKS below to learn more about each mattress


Bear Original 10” ($998 Queen non-sale price): 3-layer foam mattress in medium-firm comfort with Breathable Celliant cover and cooling graphite gel memory foam. Lowest price option that we sell.

Bear Pro 12” ($1465 Queen non-sale price): 4-layer foam mattress in medium to medium-firm comfort with Breathable Celliant cover plus copper infused foam top layer above gel memory foam.

GiNO 10” ($1299 Queen non-sale price): this is Magniflex’s new entry mattress to compete against Casper, Purple and Nectar. These companies spend 20-30% of their revenue on advertising, where GiNO spends that money on a better product. Removable and washable cover is a natural antibacterial performance fabric with silver fiber over 4-layers of foam with open cell breathable structure.

GiNO and Bear Pro are great options at the ~$999 sale price!

Bear Hybrid 13” (2022) ($1732 Queen non-sale price): 5-layer foam over spring mattress in medium comfort with Hand-Quilted Feran Ice and Celliant Fiber Top, Copper infused memory foam and edge coil system. Softest of Bear’s 3 mattresses and their best seller!


Naturepedic Chorus 10” ($1999 Queen non-sale price): a microcoil over encased coil all organic mattress using cotton, wool, and pla. There is no latex in the Chorus. Website says Comfort Medium feel, but seems firmer (especially compared to Bear and GiNO mattresses). Sleeps like a traditional spring mattress.

Magniflex Dolce Vita Dual 12” ($2699 Queen non-sale price): DUAL foam mattress with 4-layers foam mattress where each partner’s side can be flipped to be either Soft or Medium/Soft. Softness is a personal choice, but this seems more Medium/Soft to Medium and is extremely comfortable and supportive! It has an Outlast fabric cover that is thermoregulating and breathable.

Magniflex Magnistretch 12” ($2799 Queen non-sale price): Our BEST selling Magniflex mattress. Ideal for sleepers with Back and Neck pain/stiffness to help decompress their spine with the patented stretching design in Medium-Firm comfort. It has an Outlast fabric cover that is thermoregulating, breathable, and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association! A softer Magnistretch Plus is coming out in June, 2022.

Magnistretch Patented technology endorsed by American Chiropractic Association
Magnistretch Patented technology endorsed by American Chiropractic Association

Naturepedic EOS Classic 12” ($3499 Queen non-sale price): a DUAL mattress where each sleeper can choose their comfort level with interchangeable coils and 3” organic latex comfort layer for Plush, Medium, Cushion-Firm, Firm, and extra-Firm. Best part is the cover is removable and layers can always be replaced if your desired firmness changes. (Add another latex layer and choose the EOS Pillowtop)

Inside the Naturepedic EOS with removable and washable cover
Inside the Naturepedic EOS with removable and washable cover

Our Mattresses come in Good-Better-Best just like our furniture. Learn more about furniture quality by clicking here.

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