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Best Furniture Store Near me

Looking for the best furniture store near me with quality furniture – we are it, at Bright Ideas in Royal Oak.

“Your furniture is overpriced!”.  I love this topic as it allows me to share how Bright Ideas not only offers great designs, knowledgeable service, and long-lasting furniture, we do it with competitive pricing. Our team loves design, but is also data driven comparing quality, design, and pricing on every product we sell.

I like to discuss cars since we are in Detroit. A Chevy Spark starts at $13k, Chevy Malibu starts at $22k, and a Cadillac CT5-V starts at $47k. Consumers may say the price of a Cadillac is overpriced, but it is apple and oranges compared to Chevy Spark’s performance and features. All cars have 4 wheels 4 seats and a steering wheel. GM offers Good – Better – Best, or Entry – Mid – Luxury segments. We have the same in furniture!

The GAP does the same with Old Navy (Good) – GAP (Better) – Banana Republic (Best).  You can buy Jeans for $20 at Old Navy, $50 at Gap, and $100 at BR. They are all jeans, what makes Banana Republic jeans cost more than Old Navy? Material, Stitching, Style, etc… We have the same in furniture!

Bright Ideas sells modern style leather recliners that are clean lined from $1500-$4000. Price is based on Leather Grade, Size, Ergonomics, Power, etc. We recently had a 70+ year old customer come buy a new $2000 Stressless recliner to replace a Stressless recliner that finally wore out after 30 years of everyday use!!! Stressless is not overpriced at $2000, but if someone tried to sell the same recliner for $5000 when other stores sold it for $2000, then that would be overpriced and gouging the customer!

We have learned we cannot be everything to everyone, so our niche is mid to high end modern furniture. We do NOT offer entry level furniture found at IKEA, Bob’s, Costco, Ashley, and Gardner White. However, Ashley and Gardner White do have mid-level furniture (their BEST may equal our GOOD). A customer showed us a $499 bar stool from one of these stores with 50-month financing. We have sold this brand for 20+ years and we sell the exact same model every day for $365 with 12 months no interest financing. Made us feel good what we offer our customers!!!

The number one reason sofas wear out is QUALITY of seat FOAM. What will your sofa look like in 1 year? 3 years? Entry level sofas use inexpensive 1.2-1.5-pound foam that can break down and lose resiliency in 6 months to 2 years. Cheap foam does not sit the same, becomes uncomfortable, and the fabric starts to sag and look sloppy. We are the exclusive Younger Furniture dealer in Metro Detroit because we believe in the product. Younger is bench built in North Carolina, has great designs and fabrics, hardwood frames and a lifetime resiliency warranty on its 2.5-pound YLUX cushions. Younger sofas are designed to last 10+ years.

Let’s compare apples to apples – Compare Bright Ideas Furniture to or on BDI media cabinets and office is typically 10-20% less, that is correct, 10% or more savings!!! It is easy to compare BDI pricing with Amazon and Wayfair. Plus, we offer you a place to touch and see the product, knowledgeable sales staff, and design help. If you have any service issues you can converse with our knowledgeable staff via phone, text, or email. We are the only BDI Platinum Dealer in Metro Detroit. Everything is assembled, prepped, and delivered by our team who understand the product. We stand behind it!

To ALL furniture shoppers, if your style is West Elm, CB2, Room & Board, Article, Design with Reach, Restoration Hardware, GusModern, BluDot, EQ3? Please shop us in person so we can help you find higher quality modern brands at similar price points.  If a shopper went to Room & Board or Restoration Hardware, then shopped Bright Ideas, they would not think we were overpriced, but likely that we are well priced for the quality furniture we offer. In 2020, 78% of our furniture was made in USA/Canada/Europe.

We hope this was informative. We pride ourselves in curating high quality furniture and long-lasting modern designs. Promoting products from leading manufacturers to be the “best furniture store near me”. If your furniture lasts, then we last. Bright Ideas Furniture is family owned and operated since 1974. We have one of the best and largest modern showrooms in Metro Detroit. Our Southfield clearance center has our starting priced in-stock furniture. Shop our exclusive brands that helped us get voted Top Independent Furniture store numerous times by different publications. Click HERE to learn more about Bright Ideas History, and thanks again to our great customers for nearly 50 years!

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