New 2022 – Innovation to decompress your spine like no other mattress!
Medium-Soft – Spec Sheet – Magnistretch
Arrives 7-15 days
100% Italian Materials – OEKO-TEX ® CLASS I, that guarantees the absence of substances which are toxic and noxious for man and nature

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Queen King
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Brand: Magniflex

20 Year Limited Warranty –

“The mattresses of the MagniStretch line are designed to decompress your spine, reducing any muscle contraction and alleviating back and neck pain. Using pressure exerted by your body weight, our patented, inclined support zones move in opposite directions. This movement gently stretches your back by increasing the space between vertebrae and revitalizes your discs during sleep with improved blood flow and better weight distribution. MagniStretch relies on a technological patent that was developed in collaboration with the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Zaragoza, and is the result of an elaborate series of ergonomics tests. It is also certified by the ACA (AMERICAN CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION) – the largest chiropractic organization in the United States – to ensure the mattress’ beneficial effect in stretching and loosening the spine.” Learn more about our Top Mattress options.

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