Laurel Dining Chairs V1 (set of 8)


Total of 8 STRESSLESS chairs in group (Great deal at $496 per chair!!!)

6 – Laurel(L) Low-Back w/D100 Base V1 in Paloma Sparrow Blue and Walnut

2 – Laurel(L) High-Back w/D100 Base V1 in Paloma Sparrow Blue and Walnut

Floor Models while they last

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Add some flavor to your dining area. With clean lines and Scandi design, the Stressless Laurel brings the world renowned Stressless comfort to the table. The unique BalanceAdapt-system combined with the Glide-system makes the chair move with your body – now everybody can sit like kings and queens. The best way to describe our Stressless Dining chairs is “Perfect balance”. The perfect balance between delicious food and drink, infectious laughter, great conversation and, not least, the comfortable chairs, which are made to make memorable moments last even longer.