Lafer Recliner

Lafer Recliner is one of the most traditional furniture companies in Brazil. Founded in 1927, it has built a solid reputation along its 92 years of existence, manufacturing high quality furniture, known for its comfort, elegance, and originality. During the last 25 years, Lafer has researched, developed and perfected innovative systems for motion furniture, all of them based on own original ideas, duly patented. The unique know-how acquired in this period inspired the creation of a wide range of stylish, super comfortable reclining chairs. Their contemporary design and efficient, user friendly reclining systems, have delighted thousands of happy owners worldwide. Built with care and refinement, they offer years of pure comfort and enjoyment. Buying a Lafer recliner is one of the best investments in comfort and wellness you can make in your life. Give your body a chance to relax. Try a Lafer recliner, comfort for a lifetime.

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Carrie Recliner (Floor Model)

Original price was: $2,627.00.Current price is: $1,499.00.

Floor Model in FC46 Cobalt color (Blue) – while it lasts

Shown in Royal Oak