Copeland Furniture

With a vision to create a family owned and operated enterprise, we set out in the early 1970s to make wood products from natural hardwoods. Initially, we made cider presses for home and small-scale orchard use. From there our designs evolved into butcher-block kitchen furniture and Adirondack-style porch furniture, items that were functional and affordable for baby-boomers as they furnished their first homes.

During our many periods of growth, we have changed from a one-man operation in an old garage in East Corinth, Vermont, to a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility located on the banks of the Connecticut River in Bradford, Vermont. Using a combination of leading-edge computer technology and traditional craftsman technique, we have created an enterprise that is embedded in our local community, a place that provides a fulfilling work environment for the men and women who come to work here every day.

Design Aesthetic

The continued evolution of our modern furniture designs has coincided with a resurgence of appreciation for designs from the Arts & Crafts, Mission, Shaker, and Scandinavian movements. Today, our aesthetic continues to be strongly influenced by these creative movements, as well as the surroundings here in Vermont.

Vermont’s culture has historically placed a high value on preservation as witnessed in the many small villages dotted with architectural gems in the form of houses, libraries, and churches. These understated, well-designed structures inform our creative sensibilities each and every day. Our furniture is best characterized as transitional, neither strictly contemporary nor traditional but rather a combination of elements that incorporate classic proportion with modern simplicity.

Solid Hardwood Craftsmanship

Since the beginning, Copeland Furniture has sought to stay loyal to its mission to produce furniture for discerning consumers who have an appreciation for good design, quality, and value. We have also worked hard to stay loyal to the New England tradition of quality craftsmanship. We strive to meet your expectations and make the best dining room and bedroom furniture we possibly can.

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Astrid 1 drawer nightstand

(33% off MSRP $1197 – $1556)

Made in Vermont
18.5 x 18 x 20.38″H


Astrid 5 drawer Chest

(33% off MSRP $3,619 – $4,357)

Made in Vermont
26.88 x 18 x 51.5″H

astrid 6 drawer walnut

Astrid 6 drawer Dresser

(33% off MSRP $4,738 – $5,614)

Made in Vermont
66 x 18 x 31.38″H


Astrid Bed + 2 nightshelves (Cherry)


Price in Natural Cherry or Maple. (other woods available)
Made in Vermont
2 Adjustable Headboards – recommend 10″ mattress


Astrid Queen bed (Natural Cherry)


Price in Natural Cherry or Maple. (also available in other woods)
Made in Vermont
66″x87.5″x(36 or 39″)
Adjustable 1 headboard panel – recommend 10″ mattress

astrid queen bed walnut

Astrid Queen bed with 1 adjustable headboard (walnut)


Price in Walnut. (also availble in other woods
Made in Vermont
66″x87.5″x(36 or 39″)
Adjustable 1 headboard panel – recommend 10″ mattress

Audrey Bench

Audrey Dining Bench (Walnut)


Made in Vermont
17 3/4″ x 17 1/2″ H


Audrey Dining Table – Extension


Made in Vermont
Price for table only in walnut
42 x 72/96 x 30H – Other sizes available


Berkeley 10-drawer dresser (Natural Cherry)


Made in USA

3 drawer Nightstand

Berkeley 3-drawer Nightstand (Natural Cherry)


Made in Vermont
33 3/4″ x 20 1/4″ x 35 1/4″H

Berkeley Bed

Berkeley Queen Bed (Natural Cherry)


Price for Queen Bed only in Natural Cherry (other finishes available)
Made in Vermont
64 1/4″ W x 84″ L x 52″ H


Berkeley Queen Bed with Storage (Natural Cherry)


Made in Vermont
64 1/4″ W x 84″ L x 52″ H


Catalina 40″ Queen Bed with one 20″ nightstand (Walnut)


Made in Vermont
Available in other sizes, colors, or upholstered headboard

catalina round extensiontableextendedwalnut

Catalina Round Extension Table


Made Vermont
Easystow Extension and Leaf Story

Estelle Chair Cherry

Estelle Side Chair


Made in Vermont
19 3/4 x 20 x 33 3/4″ H


Linn 1 drawer nightstand


Upcycled Bedroom made in Vermont
19 7/8″ W x 18 5/8″ L x 22 3/8″ H


Linn 5 drawer


Upcycled Bedroom made in Vermont
35″ x 18 5/8″ x 50 1/2″


Linn 6 drawer


Upcycled Bedroom made in Vermont
67 1/2″ W x 18 5/8″ L x 33 1/4″ H, 205 lbs


Linn Bed


Upcycled Bedroom made in Vermont

The Linn Bed is designed for a mattress only


Linn Queen Bed with 2 attached nightstands

MSRP $2,695

Upcycled Bedroom made in Vermont
63 3/8″‘; W x 88 3/4″ L x 41 1/4″ H


Monterey Queen bed (Natural Cherry)


Made in Vermont
64 1/4″W x 52″H x 84″L


Sloane 4 drawer


Made in Vermont
33 1/2″ x 18″ x 34 1/2″


Sloane 5 drawer Narrow


Made in Vermont
26 7/8″ W x 18″ L x 48 1/2″ H


Sloane 8 drawer dresser


Made in Vermont
66 1/8″ x 18″ x 34 1/2″


Sloane Bed in Grade A Upholstery with Legs


Made in Vermont
Mattress only option – recommend 12″


Sloane nightstand


Made in Vermont
18 1/2″ x 18″ x 20 3/8″

Copeland special order
Copeland Trestle table

Trestle Dining Table


Made in Vermont
Modern Farmhouse Tables utilize recovered wood
Seared Ash base with choice of top.