Nicoletti Tesla Sectional

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Nicoletti Tesla Sectional

The leather used on a Nicoletti Home sofa is a natural, valuable product characterised by distinctive features of perspiration, durability, softness, elasticity and comfort. Only first quality bovine hides are selected in the countries of origin and are processed strictly in accordance to eco-compatible creiteria. The result is an high quality leather collection with a wide range of choice to fulfil any lifestyle needs.

The strength of Nicoletti sofas is secured by a wooden structure designed to withstand the stress they are subjected to during their working life. Our frames are made by skilled craftsmen using valuable and durable wood, that complies with the most demanding international standards regarding the chemical substances it contains. Depending on the model, steel and other resilient metals are used for supporting structures. High resistance belts, patented for furniture applications are mounted on the frame, these contribute to achieving the optimum comfort together with the padding. All the new models are subject to further testing in the laboratory under exacting load conditions and in compliance with the major international standards before being manufactured.

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