Innovation Dublexo Chair Bed in Mixed Dance Natural

35 x 36/45 x 31"


Innovation USA Dublexo Deluxe Chair features an innovative design by the designer Pier Weiss that is meant to impress. The chair features a design inspired by the Scandinavian design tradition and the current fashion and lifestyle trends. It has a lovely shape and comfortable seating. This chair has a convertible style making it easy to use and to offer more space when you have guests at home. The tufted cushions make it easy to sit back and unwind in while your read, watch TV or chat with guests. Its warm shade adds to its appealing look. The legs make it sturdy and offer support. The Innovation USA Dublexo Deluxe comes with a two year warranty.

Available in 527 mixed dance natural and dark wood/matte black legs while supplies last. (Other colors available at additional cost).

Made In China
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