The Magniflex philosophy is based on four key values: excellence in sleep, importance of wellbeing, drive for innovation and protection of the environment.

Each of these values help achieve one important dream: offering people quality sleep which is not only comfortable, but improves their overall quality of life in balance with the environment.

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Magniflex Abbraccio 12

Abbraccio 12 Super-Soft


Arrives 5-15 days

Magniflex Allegro 10

Allegro 10 Med-Firm


Arrives 5-15 days

Magniflex Dolce Vita 12

Dolce Vita 12 Dual Soft / Med-Soft


Arrives 5-15 days

Magniflex KD Foundation Gray

KD Foundation with legs


Arrives 5-15 days

Made in Italy

black brown gray
Magniflex Magnistretch 12

Magnistretch 12 Med-Firm


Arrives 5-15 days


Mattress Sale thru 12/6/20

Mattress Sale – see store for complete details

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Magniflex Toscana 10

Toscana 10 Dual Med-Soft / Med-Firm


Arrives 5-15 days